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The Beauty Stigma of Life

Close your eyes. Imagine you are walking in a misty forest at night. Breathe and inhale the scent of greenery. The trees stand tall while their branches dance with the wind, welcoming you. A clear path opens up. Continue walking. Smooth grass leads you to a dark blue pond. Don't be afraid. Remember a time, a place, a moment when you saw your first flower? Stop. Be present. Focus. What do you see? How do you feel? Are you part of this beauty? A blossom fell from a hibiscus tree and now floats in the darkness. The vibrant red colors manifest as pure love energy in contrast. The petals form a trumpet that sings to you. Breathe deeply, inhaling the sweet pollen of consciousness.

The stigma embraces life, while the dark enigma questions creation. Keep contemplating the connection between you and all that exists. Experience the divine moment in the same field across existence. Beauty expands your senses; it is your origin—two perspectives in the same pond. The beauty above is equal to that below. The petals' symmetry bends in time, creating a shadow self in the dark blue water. Accept that your stem is hidden in the blue water's shadow. Who brought you here? You have always been here. Time does not exist; it merely bends to create a form observed as pure beauty. Movement brought you here. Open your eyes to infinite alternatives of perception. Choose one and walk again. Enjoy the path that follows, admiring in awe, as if for the first time once more.


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