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Harmony Through Water & Music.

As you listen to the soothing sounds of water, allow yourself to relax and feel the connection we all share. Expand your awareness from within and recognize that you are a part of creation. Sound and music are an inherent part of who you are, and as water beings, we are all connected by frequency and vibration. This interconnectedness means that everything travels and communicates through and for you.

Take a moment to appreciate the silence, which allows you to fully appreciate the sound. Embrace this vibration and realize that everyone is playing a role in a play you wrote for yourself. Past, present, and future all coexist, and each person you encounter is a guide in your journey. Play your note and recognize that your life is part of an eternal symphony.

Even without using your eyes, you can sense the presence of those around you as they act out their parts in the play you created. As the director of your own life, you understand this truth deep inside.

Keep the movie rolling and embrace the healing energy that aligns your body, soul, and vessel. Recognize and appreciate your body as the perfect instrument for experiencing the joys and challenges of life. Blend with the sounds of water and music to connect with the love and joy of the universe.

Acknowledge any awkward or painful spots in your body and use this energy to heal and integrate your body and spirit. Show gratitude to your body and allow it to heal and thrive.

As you embark on a journey of self-discovery and expansion, you are not alone. Spiritual guides welcome you to this awakening and remind you that you are more than just matter – you are energy with a spirit soul that guides you. Surrender to this reality and recognize the transformation from one density to another.

In this interconnected world, we are all one, and if we embrace harmony and love, we can all support each other on our individual journeys. By observing ourselves and recognizing the density within us, we can align our frequency with the water, air, earth, ether, and cosmos that surround us. The infinite sea of consciousness that we are part of. Music tones blend with our own being, reminding us of our connection to the universe.

With will, fortitude, and strength, we can live fully and recognize the beauty of our clear minds under the clear night sky. Stretch your bones and recognize the miracle of your body. Embrace your coherence by organizing, aligning, and relaxing your cells. By balancing your body, mind, and soul, you can create your own reality and inspire harmony in the world around you. By harmonizing you, your harmony ripples.


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